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Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting company plus the right hosting package can be a big challenge, especially for new website owners. One of the ways to help with this is by checking out reviews about various companies offering these services as well as the advantages of the different types of hosting packages.

First you need to understand that in order to get your website live and available to everyone on the web; you need to upload it on a server that is capable of handling this. Some people do purchase their own servers for this purpose, but most will use companies that specialize in this.

In order for a website to go live, it needs to have all of its data, files and information transferred to a server that is capable of handling it. These servers are like mega computers which are very expensive and very complex.

There are different types of servers that offer different benefits and features. Some servers are constructed so they can accommodate several websites owned by different owners. This is called shared webhosting.

Then there are servers that are most advanced and therefore can offer more benefits. While these servers still accommodate several different websites, they give the user more flexibility as to what tasks and features they can access on the server.

And there is the Dedicated Hosting which provides a client with the ability to have their website hosted on a server that is totally dedicated to them. It comes with a lot more advantages but is also more expensive than the other hosting options.

What to use a dedicated server for

If you are trying to make the decision as to which is the best hosting service to go with, then you will want to consider the dedicated server. To do this though, you need to know that your website has all the requirements for all the benefits this type of hosting provides. Otherwise you will be paying for a lot of features that you have no real need of.

dedicated-servA Dedicated server is the one that is totally dedicated to your website which means you are not competing for space on the server with other websites. It means that your site security is substantially enhanced. When you are sharing a server, you will be concerned with other sites getting hacked or spammed which could then affect your site.

You will also want to use a dedicated server if you are fairly confident that you are going to have a substantial amount of traffic to your site. This type of server has the capabilities of handling large traffic without it crashing or slowing the site down.

Compare Web Hosting

If you really want to make an informed decision when it comes to your web hosting, then you first want to take a look at the providers and then compare the hosting packages. Your first concern may be the pricing, but before looking at that consider what the packages are offering. You really need to have an understanding as to what each of the features will do for you. Once you look at a package and you feel that you will put all of its benefits and features to use, then you can start comparing them with other hosting packages. Here are the main features that you want to consider when considering a hosting company and its packages.

  • Reliability: Reliability can encompass many things. These would include the hosting company’s ability to ensure that the site remains live with very little down time. It can mean that they will deliver on all of the features and benefits that they outline in their packages.
  • Speed: While you may have a great website if it doesn’t load quickly then it is of no value. For this reason you want to look at web host providers that have a proven track record in being able to provide good load speed.
  • Features: Each type of hosting package comes with its own set of features. Although you may be comparing packages that appear to be the same, look closely that the features are equal and that the features are ones that you are really going to use.
  • Support: Chances are you really don’t have a detailed understanding as to how servers work. If you are running into site difficulties that are hosting related then you need a host provider that you can have quick access to. The support services that are being offered are highly important to you.

Virtual Server

A Virtual server hosting is where you get an opportunity to have your website uploaded on a Virtual Private Server. It is an upgraded version of a shared server. It offers a lot more options and flexibility plus increased security and is often used for seo hosting.


No matter which hosting package you are going to choose, the up time for your site has to be a priority. You cannot take the risk of your site being down for even short periods of time. Not only can this affect your clients but it can affect your search engine rankings.

Dedicated Server

If you want to remove all the limitations that come with the different types of hosting then your best choice is going to be a dedicated server. It is going to offer you all the features that others do but in an extended version, plus even more. It is the best choice for warding off potential hosting problems simply because you chose hosting packages with limitations.